5 Things You Must Do Right Away After Being the Victim of Excessive Force

5 Things You Must Do Right Away After Being the Victim of Excessive Force

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5 Things You Must Do Right Away After Being the Victim of Excessive Force

Police violence against civilians is more frequently being reported all across the US. In fact, over a thousand of Americans are killed, and gravely injured by law enforcement agencies every year, according to most news reports. Local, state, and federal laws protect and support rights of citizens to get rid of state-sanctioned brutality. Our law firm, Michael D. Ettinger & Associates represents people in various criminal defense matters, including excessive force, in Palos Heights, IL and surrounding areas. Sadly, many of them approach us as already being shocked, traumatized and assaulted and were not sure what step to take at such critical time. Thus, while we hope you never face the horrible trauma of excessive force, given below are five essential things to do if this occurs to you:

  1. Compile evidence before you leave the scene

Immediately look for a video or photos if there are that demonstrate the brutality. Take out your camera phone and take photos and videos of the crime scene right away. From your clothing, bag, and shoes to even underwear, save everything and do not wash anything that is contaminated by blood, stains or tears. They are always the best evidence that helps your excessive force lawyer to support your case.

  1. Get your injuries documented

Seek medical attention as soon as you can. Take photos of the injuries as early as possible as well as about every alternative day thereafter. This is because swelling and bruising can change over time. In addition, keep a log or diary that tracks your physical and emotional discomfort or pain, limitations, doctor visits, medications, and other occurrences regarding the injury or incident.

  1. Identify potential witnesses

Look around the place of the incident for residents, business persons, or frequent commuters. Also, check for banks, ATMs, party stores or other locations which would have fixed security cameras.

  1. Retain an attorney right away

Although you are hurt, angry and in shock, do not delay in retaining an attorney because it only allows the police the time to build a case against you. Thus, you should retain an excessive force lawyer immediately.

  1. Explain your story to the attorney

Recall your story and write out everything in detail – think of who, what, when, where, why and how. This ensures the protection of your narrative. Avoid showing it to others as it will not be confidential anymore.

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