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Since the doors of Michael D. Ettinger & Associates, first opened in Palos Heights, the firm’s attorneys have dedicated their efforts to providing outstanding legal services. Whether their clients’ needs fall under the jurisdiction of Illinois state or federal civil or criminal courts, they devote themselves to their cases, building strategies that have repeatedly proved successful.

In fact, the three attorneys have earned not only the respect of their many delighted clients but also of their peers in the legal community. Over the years, all three lawyers have built reputations as knowledgeable, ethical, and honest legal professionals to whom other attorneys often turn for advice.

Lawyers Who Are Recognized Leaders

All three of our experienced attorneys have earned recognition as legal leaders in Illinois for their work on high-profile cases. For example, partner Michael D. Ettinger has defended numerous high-profile defendants, including John Cappas, a notorious Chicago-area accused drug dealer, and Robert Blagojevich, who stood accused of a campaign-fund conspiracy.

However, Mr. Ettinger does not deserve all the attention. Attorney Mark A. Besbekos, also a partner in the firm, and associate attorney Alexander Michael also deserve recognition for their many courtroom successes. Regardless of your legal need, the firm’s attorneys will work as a team to ensure your case receives the attention and effort it deserves.

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If you have a legal problem, the first step toward a solution is calling 708-923-0368 or sending an email to the Palos Heights law office of Michael D. Ettinger & Associates By taking advantage of the firm’s offer for a free initial consultation, you are also taking advantage of the 70 years of experience the firm’s attorneys will put to work on your case whether you need a criminal defense attorney or civil litigation professional.

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