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You need a DWI lawyer that takes At the law firm of Michael D. Ettinger & Associates, all charges are taken seriously, even ones that appear to many people as minor, such as driving under the influence. Many people in Illinois who face DUI/DWI charges see them as inconveniences until they realize the severity of the consequences of convictions. The job of a DUI defense attorney is to fight diligently to minimize the severity of the impact such a charge can have on a client’s future.

Understanding The Possible Consequences Of DUI In Illinois

In the state of Illinois, a driver who has a blood alcohol content of .08 percent or greater is “under the influence.” However, drivers whose BACs are under the legal limit may face DUI-related charges for impairment. Because the range of possibilities for DUI/DWI is so great, it is key to fully understand your charge in order to fully understand the possible consequences of a conviction.

In addition to the potential for impairment when BACs are under the legal limit, it is possible for DUI-related charges to increase in severity based on BACs that are considerably above the legal limit. For example, if your BAC was .16 percent or greater at the time of your arrest, you can face what is called an aggravated DUI, which has even more serious consequences.

A DWI Lawyer Takes Proactive Approach To Your DWI Defense

Part of the reason why the lawyers at Michael D. Ettinger & Associates, have earned such excellent reputations is that they take proactive approaches to defending clients against charges stemming from driving while intoxicated. From the moment a client calls the firm, they are on the case, examining evidence, issuing subpoenas, and looking for holes in the prosecution’s case.

If you face a charge and you want a DWI attorney who will treat your DUI defense as seriously as if it were a murder defense, look no further. Call 708-923-0368 or email the Palos Heights law office today to learn why so many Cook County residents turn to this firm for help after drunk driving arrests.

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