Felony Drug Charges Attorneys

Felony Drug Charges

Our felony drug charges attorneys have over 70 years of combined experience in handling drug-related charges in state and federal courts.

Individuals charged with drug crimes face many serious obstacles. A conviction resulting from a drug charge can lead to considerable fines and sentences and can affect one’s ability to secure or keep a job.

It is critical to have an expert felony drug charges attorney review your charges, find flaws in the prosecution’s case, and to mount a strong defense against the charges. When our attorneys review your case, we will strenuously seek any constitutional violations that may have occurred based on the circumstances of any search, seizure, or arrest. Such violations can result in the suppression of evidence and ultimately your freedom from conviction.

Moreover, our felony drug charges attorneys are expert trial lawyers who will not settle for a plea deal when they believe the prosecution cannot prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Moreover, prosecutors tend to offer better deals to defense attorneys they know can win a case at trial.

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