Does Overturning Roe Put Other Rights In Jeopardy?

Does Overturning Roe Put Other Rights In Jeopardy?

Roe V Wade

Does Overturning Roe Put Other Rights In Jeopardy?

Roe vs. Wade is perhaps the most infamous case the Supreme Court handled. The case established that abortion is a private matter. By overturning the ruling, the courts have taken away a legal framework that has protected the civil rights of the oppressed populace for five decades. This includes the LGBTQ community. An Illinois civil rights lawyer will tell you the same thing.

What Can Happen If the Roe vs. Wade Ruling Becomes Popular Opinion

If the draft becomes an official opinion, it can place other rights in jeopardy as well. Some of them include:

The Right to Contraception

By blocking abortion rights, states could be encouraged to pass similar laws. This includes restricting access to birth control options by saying they are contraceptive measures, a gross misrepresentation per experts.

Illinois civil rights lawyers and legal experts believe that with the success of the ruling, lawmakers can gain enough leverage to go after Griswold vs. Connecticut ruling, which gave married couples the right to purchase and use contraceptives without federal intervention. It is similar to the verdict that allowed individuals to get an abortion and treat it as a private matter. By overturning the latter, the Supreme Court has kicked the legs out of the latter as well.

The Right to Interracial and Same-Sex Marriage

As per Justice Alito’s draft, the constitutional right to abortion is a myth since the Constitution does not mention it. The 14th amendment’s Due Process Clause also does not protect that right. The clause was established after the Civil War to protect the rights of enslaved individuals as states started to develop discriminatory laws.

The clause establishes that no US citizen can be denied the civil right to property, liberty, and life without the proper legal process. The clause also specifies that each US citizen is protected under their state’s jurisdictions. These rulings have provided a solid foundation for several civil rights.

However, Judge Alito believes that only rights like these, deeply rooted in history, should be protected. This, in turn, places other rights at risk, including interracial and same-sex marriages and sexual relationships.

Legal experts believe that outdated and dangerous laws may come back with time. This includes outdated laws that made homosexuality and same-sex marriages a crime.

This approach is a far cry from when the courts saw the Constitution as a living document that could be approached per modern trends. With abortion rights in jeopardy, the US populace is not backing down, and you shouldn’t either.

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