How Much Jail Time Can You Get For Arson?

How Much Jail Time Can You Get For Arson?

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How Much Jail Time Can You Get For Arson?

Individuals accused of arson in Illinois face a severe criminal charge that carries hefty fines and substantial prison sentences. At this point, you need an experienced and trustworthy criminal defense lawyer in Palos Heights who can ensure your rights are protected. Judges and courts will not try to cut you a break in this case.
Penalties You Can Face For Arson In Illinois
Arson penalties in Illinois differ as per the type of arson committed:
Arson Penalties

Arson is a class 2 felony in Illinois. If charged with the crime, the defendant faces a sentence and penalty range depending on the type of arson committed and overall property damage. A jail sentence for the crime can range anywhere from three to seven years, and fines can go up to $25,000. It can also include four years of probation.
Residential Arson Penalties

If someone burns down the dwelling of another individual, they can face a residential arson charge irrespective of the reasons behind their actions. It also carries a $25,000 fine, a four-year probation period, or a three to a seven-year jail sentence. A reliable defense lawyer in Palos Heights can make sure you are not wrongly accused.
Aggravated Arson Penalties

Aggravated arson is considered to be a violent crime since it has the potential to cause serious injuries or even prove fatal. If the latter is the case, you may also be charged with murder, a serious felony charge.
In Illinois, an aggravated arson charge is considered a Class X felony, and it carries a prison sentence that can range from six to 30 years. Besides paying the $25,000 fine, the judge may also order you to pay the victim for damages incurred. Since aggravated arson is a violent crime, it can lead to hefty damages (such as injuries) that can amount to thousands of dollars.
Besides the penalties mentioned above, aggravated arson can also have the following consequences:

  • Reduction in employment and education opportunities. The felony charge will be present on your permanent record.
  • Ineligibility or disqualification from professional licenses, welfare, and housing assistance.
  • Deportation if you are an immigrant.
  • Revocation of right to own firearms.

In Case Of Mistaken Identity

As mentioned before, you need a reliable and aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Palos Heights if you have been convicted of any of these crimes. The prosecutor has to prove you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. If your attorney can prove there is doubt about the identity of the person who committed the crime, you can get acquitted. It could be the case if the evidence produced consists of, say, grainy video footage or unreliable witness testimonies.
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