How Withholding Information Affects your Case During a Criminal Trial

How Withholding Information Affects your Case During a Criminal Trial

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How Withholding Information Affects your Case During a Criminal Trial

During a criminal case, the U.S. civil legal system assumes both parties will act in good faith as per the law. Evidence is critical when it comes to determining a fair outcome of these sensitive cases. If you have been accused of a crime and have hired a defense attorney to represent you in court, your job is to give them all the information you have – whether you are guilty or not.


This is important because the prosecuting attorney will use every bit of evidence to prove you guilty. Since your attorney will be working to prove you innocent, withholding evidence – irrespective of its importance, can turn the case against you.


You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Remember, your attorney’s job is not to judge you or prove whether you have committed the crime or not. They must ensure you get a fair trial and determine whether there is enough evidence to prove you are guilty or not. In other words, your defense attorney will act as your advocate. Withholding information will compromise how they represent you in court.


Unbiased Representation

In some cases, the defense attorney will only be concerned with the evidence and information the prosecution has. There are two reasons for this. First – the defense attorney may want to come up with an unbiased conclusion regarding your case, while assuming you are guilty. Second – they will try and get as much information from the prosecuting side to ensure they are not hiding anything, which can work in your favor.


However, irrespective of the attorney’s predilection, the information they receive from you and the other attorney will be held in confidence. In other words, it is in your best interests to ensure your defense lawyer has all of the facts of the case from your perspective, which includes any evidence you may have – whether it incriminates you or not.


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