Plea Negotiations and Agreements

Plea Negotiations and Agreements

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Plea Negotiations and Agreements

In the criminal justice system in Illinois, a plea bargain can be reached at any time before a verdict is set. Plea deals are fairly common during this phase and the prosecution will examine certain features of the case before coming to a decision regarding them, such as:


  • The criminal history of the defendant
  • How strong the prosecution’s evidence is
  • The seriousness of the crime the defendant committed
  • How cooperative the defendant is and whether he/she will re-offend
  • The stage of the criminal case


If successful, plea bargains can significantly reduce jail time and fines. However, the term of each one is dependent on the circumstances surrounding the case. Even though the negotiations are presided over by the defense attorney, the decision to take or reject the plea decision is entirely up to the defendant.


Is a Plea Deal Harmful or Beneficial For a Defendant?


Plea bargains can be a beneficial or harmful option for a defendant, depending on the particulars of the case. In some cases, it can lead to a reduced sentence than if you were to go to trial. In other cases, the defendant may feel the particulars of the plea deal are not in their favor or may endanger them later.


However, most pleas bargains have proven to be beneficial for defendants, as well as for the criminal justice system. Since jail time is significantly reduced in these deals, the case does not have to go to trial, which eliminates the opportunity for a jury to vote to extend jail time. With less time spent on trial, less money is spent, and the case also does not get overcomplicated.


Given what it is at stake, ensuring you have a defense attorney on your side will allow you to benefit from options that may otherwise be out of reach. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can ensure your rights are protected and the particulars of the plea deal are favorable for you.


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