What Are The Penalties For Arson In Illinois?

What Are The Penalties For Arson In Illinois?

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What Are The Penalties For Arson In Illinois?

Arson can lead to death and/or serious injuries, which is the main reason it is a punishable crime in Illinois, one which carries penalties and other charges. If you have been convicted of arson, you should hire a Palos Heights criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.
Some of the main types of arson and their associated penalties include the following:
Aggravated Arson

An arson charge can be elevated to aggravated arson if an individual uses fire and explosives to damage a structure and:

  • Their actions cause great bodily harm to another person or permanently disables/disfigures them.
  • Their actions injure a correctional officer, a fireman, or a police officer.
  • They know or should have reasonably known that there were people inside the aforementioned structure.

Aggravated arson is a Class X felony and anyone who is convicted can face 6 to 30 years in prison depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.
Residential Arson

As is apparent from the name, you can be charged with residential arson if you committed arson and knowingly damaged a structure or a building where someone lives partially or completely. It is a Class 1 felony that carries a jail sentence that can be anywhere from 4 to 15 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.
Place of Worship Arson

You can be found guilty of place of worship arson if you set fire or used explosives to damage a mosque, synagogue, church, or any other place where people practice their religion and are involved in worship. You can be charged with this crime regardless of the extent of the damage caused.
A Palos Heights criminal defense lawyer will tell you that Place of Worship Arson is considered to be a Class 1 felony in Illinois and can result in a 4 to 15-year prison sentence.
You can get probation for all of the aforementioned charges but not for deferred prosecution or second chance probation. So if you have a pending arson case in Illinois, you should get in touch with an experienced Palos Heights criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to defend your case.
Explosives or Incendiary Device Possession

You can be charged with arson if you are found in possession of explosives or an incendiary device in Illinois. Additionally, you can also face this charge if you are found transporting any explosive compound or detonating device with the intent to commit an offense or a felony. The act is a Class 1 felony in the state and if sentenced, you can face no less than 4 years in prison but not more than 30 years.
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