What Constitutes Felony Battery In Illinois?

What Constitutes Felony Battery In Illinois?


What Constitutes Felony Battery In Illinois?

As per Illinois law, you can be accused of battery if you make physical contact with another person because you want to provoke, insult or injure them. This may be done with or without an object. The charge is usually treated as a simple misdemeanor. Still, it can be elevated to a felony if you intend to cause grievous bodily harm to a protected class of citizens.

How a Battery Charge Can Get Elevated To a Felony

A felony battery charge can become a felony if you:

  • Used a deadly weapon against another person.
  • Intended to cause harm when you made contact with the other person.
  • Targeted teachers or other school staff.
  • Tried to cause bodily harm to firefighters, peace officers, paramedics, and medical personnel.
  • Tried to cause bodily harm against vehicle operators, state employees, or employees working for the County Department of Public Aid.
  • Intended to cause bodily harm to pregnant women and seniors over 60 years of age or older.

What Is Aggravated Battery?

As per Illinois law, an elevated version of battery is called an aggravated battery. Your charge can be increased from the former to the latter if any of the abovementioned factors are fulfilled.

Punishment for aggravated battery

The punishment for aggravated battery can differ as per the circumstances surrounding an offense. An aggravated battery charge is considered a Class 3 felony. If you are convicted, you can potentially face a prison sentence that can last between two to five years and fines amounting to $25,000.

If you fired a gun, on the other hand, the charge could be elevated to a Class X felony. In this case, you can face six to 30 years in prison and the same fines, but without probation.

Consequences of a Felony Battery Charge in Illinois

Your charges will be on your permanent record even after you complete your sentence till you get it removed with help from a Palos Heights criminal defense lawyer. It will hurt your life, your employment choices, the places where you can live, and even your education. A Palos Heights criminal defense lawyer can help you fight the conviction to prevent this from happening.
They have the experience and knowledge to develop relevant defenses for your particular case and reduce your sentence. They may even provide evidence that can eliminate those charges. Some of the defenses they can use include the following:

  • That you were acting in self-defense.
  • You were unaware that your actions would cause bodily harm or disfigurement.

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