What Is A Class X Felony In Illinois And What Are The Penalties?

What Is A Class X Felony In Illinois And What Are The Penalties?

class x felony

What Is A Class X Felony In Illinois And What Are The Penalties?

A Class X felony is considered to be the most serious felony in Illinois. If you are found guilty, you will not get probation and may face a mandatory jail sentence of six to 30 years in the Department of Corrections.

In this case, all of the power lies with the prosecution. The only way you can get probation is if they amend the charges you face. Even if you are a first-time offender and have a clean criminal background, you can still be charged with a Class X felony.


Types of Class X Felonies You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer For

The following are the types of crimes that are considered to be Class X felonies in the state:


Drug Crimes

If you are found with drugs in Illinois, you will be charged with a Class X felony. Drug-related activities you can be charged with include:


  • Cocaine possession which is to be delivered.
  • Methamphetamine manufacturing or participation in the activity.
  • Possession of 500mg of cannabis with intent to deliver.
  • Participation in drug-related gang activity.

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault and Sexual Assault

If a 17-year-old is involved in a sexual act with a victim who is 12 years old or younger, they can be charged with predatory criminal sexual assault, which is a Class X felony. Similarly, if someone is convicted of rape for a second time, their charges will be elevated to a Class X felony.


Armed Robbery

If you knowingly take property from an individual by threatening or forcing them with a dangerous weapon, you can get a Class X felony charge.


Child Pornography

If you are caught with child pornography pictures, videos, and other related content, you can be charged with a Class X felony. This includes content that shows children participating in a sexual act. Besides the charge, you can also face a harsh prison sentence and fines. You will also have to register in the Illinois Sex Offender registry.


Class X Felonies Negotiations Are Challenging

Prison sentences for Class X felonies are set in stone. Since the State Attorney’s Office hires the prosecutors, you need a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend you who can get you probation. These professionals can convince the prosecution to reduce your charge using their quick thinking and strong negotiation skills. While the reduction in charges cannot eliminate the prison sentence, you can become eligible for probation with the right strategy.


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Suppose you are charged with any of the Class X felonies mentioned above. In that case, you can face serious jail time, fines you may not be able to pay, and a permanent mark on your criminal record that can reduce your employability. Take action before it is too late by contacting an experienced criminal defense lawyer at Michael D. Ettinger & Associates.


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