Why Men Should Hire Fathers’ Rights Attorneys In Divorce

Why Men Should Hire Fathers’ Rights Attorneys In Divorce

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Why Men Should Hire Fathers’ Rights Attorneys In Divorce

A divorce can be traumatic for all parties involved, and fathers may feel they are at a disadvantage when child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance are determined. This is where a fathers’ rights attorney can help. Learn about fathers’ rights attorney below, then speak to our fathers’ rights lawyer in Palos Heights at Michael D. Ettinger & Associates if you need legal assistance.

What Does A Fathers’ Rights Attorney Do?

Hiring a fathers’ rights attorney may be in your best interest if you are a father going through a divorce. While Illinois judges are supposed to treat men equally in divorce matters, that does not mean your ex will not attempt to undermine your role as the father of your children. It is common for the other party to ask for sole physical and legal custody and excessive child support.

A skilled fathers’ rights attorney will strive to ensure that your parental privileges are never damaged, ignored, or forgotten, and will help you work for child custody or visitation that is fair to you.

Child Custody Disputes

If you have children from the marriage, the divorce will have provisions for child custody, now called allocation of parental responsibilities in Illinois. Parental responsibilities are major decision-making responsibilities and parenting time. Your fathers’ rights attorney will advocate for your right to enjoy parental responsibilities and can show that your making significant decisions about the child’s upbringing is in their best interests.

Child Custody And Gender Bias

Many Illinois fathers are concerned there is gender bias in child custody cases. Some fathers going through a divorce where there are children worry that the family court will assume they should be with the mother. Courts are supposed to be gender neutral when determining custody and visitation rights, but many fathers feel better having a fathers’ rights attorney advocating for them.

Getting Full Custody Of The Children

In some situations, a father could get full custody of the children, and a fathers’ rights attorney can help. One way is to file an emergency order with the court when the other party tries to move out of state with the children illegally. Or, the mother neglects her parental duties or abuses drugs and alcohol around the children. Also, if the other party does not comply with a court order, you, as the father can apply for emergency custody.

In this kind of serious situation, a family court judge will hear the case and make a prompt decision. If the mother can offer good reasons for the move or why she has not followed through on her parental duties, you could get full custody until a more permanent arrangement is made. Whether you have concerns about child custody, visitation, or spousal maintenance, it helps to have an attorney experienced in fathers’ rights to represent your interests.

Contact Our Fathers’ Rights Lawyer In Palos Heights

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