Will Illinois Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

Will Illinois Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

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Will Illinois Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

Illinois is well-known in the country to be among the most progressive states. Medical marijuana is already permitted in the state through a state authorized plan, which means that that the next inevitable step is to consider legalizing recreational marijuana use. Right now, recreational marijuana use can expose you to serious criminal proceedings where you will need an experienced drug crime attorney. Here, we present what the latest in the state resolving this issue by taking the required legalization steps:


The Current Situation


There are already several states which have legalized or are towards the path of decriminalizing the use of recreational marijuana. States like California, Nevada, Washington, Massachusetts, Oregon and Alaska have already adapted according to the needs of time and understood that the best way to proceed is to control the sales of marijuana through a regulatory framework that legalizes recreational use.


How Illinois Benefits


Illinois as a state is certainly thinking about legalizing recreational cannabis as it allows it to generate income from a reliable and consistent source. The state must pay nearly 130 billion dollars in liabilities and some of this money can come from regulating sources like marijuana rather than keeping them banned and off the shelves. There are several lawmakers in the state who have shown support for producing a bill that will make it legal for people over 21 to legally possess, use and sell marijuana for ordinary purposes.


Senators and representatives from Chicago like Rep. Kelly Cassidy and Sen. Heather Steans have already shown support for such a bill, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. They are presenting it as a solution that will reduce the burden on the state budget, which is seriously fallen short in the last few years. The representatives believe that their proposed bill will have the capacity to add millions of dollars in terms of taxes and applied fees for businesses that deal with recreational marijuana.


What Voters Say


A report put the numbers as an estimated gain of 566 million dollars in excise tax revenue each year, while there can be an additional revenue of 133 million dollars from sales tax collected from the retailing of recreational marijuana products. The report finds that Illinois is among the top states that can quickly implement the legislation required to gain these revenue benefits.


In fact, a poll conducted in March of 2017 revealed that around two thirds of the Illinois voting population is in favor of allowing the recreational use of marijuana if it is regulated and taxed like alcohol in the state. The survey also found that 74% voters believe that marijuana use should be decriminalized in Illinois. People in the state understand the idea that marijuana use is safe when controlled by strong regulation and has the potential to add to the waning income resources of the area.


Since recreational marijuana use is still illegal in Illinois, you can be caught and criminally tried for possession and drug use. Contact the law firm of Michael D. Ettinger & Associates at 708-377-5426 to discuss your case today.