Defense Strategies against Federal Drug Crimes

Defense Strategies against Federal Drug Crimes

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Defense Strategies against Federal Drug Crimes

Possession of drugs for selling or commercial use, being involved in drug trafficking, or intent to distribute and manufacture them carry federal crime changes and possible sentencing. Depending upon the charges and quantity or amount of substance found, an individual can be convicted with either a misdemeanor or felony charge, carrying a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 50 years imprisonment. There are also heavy fined charged in accordance with the Illinois Controlled Substances Act. If a family member or friend is under investigation for a drug crime, it should be taken seriously and services of a competent criminal defense attorney should be sought.

Fabricated Testimony

There is a chance of reversal of verdict, or the case being dismissed if it is established the testimony provided was flawed, or the evidence used in labs was fabricated to implicate an individual in federal drug charges. An experienced federal drugs crime attorney will be able to identify such flawed testimony and seek reversal of charges, or new tests from a different lab.

Defense against Entrapment

It is possible federal agents laid traps to manufacture circumstances and paid informants to catch an individual who now stands wrongly convicted. A skilled criminal defense attorney will look for the element of predisposed charges, which may have allowed an individual to commit a crime. Federal agents may charge someone who hasn’t yet committed a crime and the intervention stopped a possible one. Predisposed charges mean an individual was about to commit a crime but didn’t have the resources and means to do so. Inducement can also happen when federal agents intervene, persuading an individual to commit a drug crime.

Locating Exculpatory Evidence

When informants use conspiracy theories to have someone arrested on drug trafficking or possession charges, a competent defense attorney will look for exculpatory evidence and information that can help erase guilt and free their client from any blame. An investigation can be sought on behalf of the defendant and results can be used to question government actions.

Seeking Pretrial release

Individuals might feel intimidated and may agree to charges and false testimony due to psychological factors. To ensure psychological trauma doesn’t lead to an individual being wrongly convicted, an experienced defense attorney will seek immediate bail or pretrial release. It provides a defense attorney with a chance to work closely with the defendant and protect them from illegitimate charges.

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