First Steps to Take If Charged with Murder

First Steps to Take If Charged with Murder

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First Steps to Take If Charged with Murder

A report by Statista revealed that murder and non-negligent manslaughter rate per 100,000 inhabitants in Illinois is 8.2, which accounts for 5th highest rate among all the states across the U.S. Getting charged with murder can be a frightening experience for an individual and can be overwhelming for people who are unfamiliar with criminal justice system. They might be completely clueless about what should they do and what is going to happen to them. However, to ascertain that their rights and freedom remains protected, they must be aware of the first step they must take when facing severe charges of murder. Here are some of the actions that you must take when facing such a troublesome situation:


Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent


You may be familiar with the expression “You have the right to remain silent” as you might have heard this phrase many times in movies and TV shows. This is not just a catchphrase, but a right provided to individuals by the Fifth Amendment, which empowers an individual to remain silent in order to avoid incrimination against them under custody.


Using your right to remain silent, you can refuse to answer any questions asked by a law enforcement officer until your lawyer is present with you. However, you must ensure that you remain calm and use a polite tone while exercising this right.


Depict Composed Outlook


The circumstances may cause you to panic or become aggressive, especially when you believe that you are innocent. Moreover, the authorities may use aggressive tone during the investigation, which may cause you to react impulsively. However, it is imperative that you depict a composed outlook under custody, even when you believe that your rights are being violated. Any misconduct or resistance that you attempt can pose a problem for you during the case and may open you against additional charges by the law enforcing authorities.


Contact an Attorney Immediately


Contacting a criminal defense lawyer is perhaps one of the most crucial steps in pursuit of defending yourself against a murder charge. It is vital that you obtain help of a criminal defense attorney as soon as you are accused. Prosecutors are well aware of legal technicalities and statutes, which can put you at a massive disadvantage. They may lure you to provide a confession or plea bargain, which may seem a viable option under those circumstances. However, having a veteran criminal defense lawyer can help you in avoiding these mistakes and help you to understand and exercise your rights. Moreover, they are empowered with years of experience and comprehensive knowledge, which enables them to formulate a strategy which could help you to avoid or minimize, your jail time or fine.


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