How to Avoid Felony Drug Charges

How to Avoid Felony Drug Charges

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How to Avoid Felony Drug Charges

A significant portion of the American population consumes different types of drugs for recreational purposes. While alcoholic beverages can be legally consumed by people of age, there are many intoxicating substances which are considered to be illegal to sell, purchase or even possess. These drugs involve dangerous substances such as heroin and cocaine. The drug felony charges in Illinois can be as low as a 6-year prison sentence and as high as 60 years. According to felony drug charge attorneys, these charges are applied according to the quantity or weight of drugs found by the authorities. If you are found in possession of significant quantity of drugs, you might not be able to avoid charges, but an experienced lawyer can help you get a reduced sentence.


Understanding Felony Drug Charges


Under the law, the felony drug charges vary upon the type of drug found in your possession. Cannabis, the most commonly used drug, carries a comparatively lower sentence. If you are caught with cannabis, even less than 3 grams of it, you could possibly be facing charges of a $1500 fine and up to 3 months in prison. If the quantity is more than 2.5 gram but less than 10 grams, the prison sentence can be as high as 6 months. In short, the severity of the sentence depends on the weight of the drugs confiscated from you. Another aspect which plays a role in felony drug charges is the number of offenses. If it’s your first offense, you might get a lower fine and reduced prison sentence but if it is your second offense you can expect to get a harsher sentence and fines.


How can a drug felony charge lawyer help you?


If you have been accused of possessing a certain quantity of drugs, either rightfully or wrongfully, you still have your basic human rights. It is your right to defend yourself against the charges in court. In some instances, people are made victims by someone else sliding drugs into your pockets or bags. No matter what the circumstances, getting caught with drugs is not the end of the world. Under the eyes of the law, you still have the right to defend your freedom rather than spending time in jail. Therefore, it is important for you to hire a lawyer to defend your rights. An experienced drug felony charge lawyer can help you avoid or at least persuade the court to keep your sentence as low as possible.


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