How to Get Your Driver’s License Back after DUI

How to Get Your Driver’s License Back after DUI

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How to Get Your Driver’s License Back after DUI

Driving under the influence can create several legal issues for you. The most common consequence of being caught driving under influence is getting your drivers’ license suspended. If you continue to drive with a suspended license, you can exuberate the bad situation you are already in. If caught driving with a suspended driver’s license you could potentially be arrested and face jail time. Your vehicle can be seized, and the duration of your license’s suspension can be extended.


In extreme cases, you can even get your license revoked. Therefore, it is wise to act sensibly and not do anything rash which could worsen your case. Acquiring the guidance of an experienced DUI lawyer can help you deal with the situation and get your driver’s license back.

Getting your suspended license reinstated
In order to get your suspended driver’s license reinstated, you must appear before a Secretary of State hearing officer. In order to schedule a hearing before the aforementioned officer, you will be required to consult with the SOS officer who will evaluate your case and your eligibility before guiding you for the future course of action. There are primarily two types of hearings; formal hearing and informal hearing.


  • Informal hearings are for DUI offenses which did not result in a fatality and pertain to a single DUI offense. After presenting your case in an informal hearing your driver’s license may be reinstated. These hearings are free of cost and it can take up to 90 days for you to know the results.
  • Formal hearings are for serious charges, where your driver’s license had been suspended for a DUI offense which resulted in a fatality or involved more than one DUI offenses. To request a formal hearing, you need to fill a form titled DAH H 12 and pay $50 in filing fees. If this is your second DUI conviction, you must install a BAIID (Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device) before your license is reinstated.


In both cases, you can improve your chances of getting your driver’s license back by seeking the assistance of a reputable DUI lawyer. In case your license has been revoked, you are not eligible to apply for reinstatement for at least one year.


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